TAKE A SEAT at John Witherspoon Middle School!

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The Princeton Education Foundation, in partnership with the Princeton Public School District, invites you to “Take A Seat!” by sponsoring a plaque on a seat in the new auditorium at John Witherspoon Middle School. Through a tax-deductible donation to the “Take A Seat!” campaign, you can pay tribute to a person or group with up to four lines of inscription that will be permanently affixed to an auditorium seat. At the same time, you will
leave a lasting show of support for educational excellence in the Princeton Public School District. Your gift to the “Take A Seat!” campaign will be used to fund high-priority needs throughout the District, with special emphasis on John Witherspoon Middle School.

You may Take A Seat by using the online form below or, if you prefer, through the mail by using this form.

Need ideas to write your dedication? See some samples here.

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