Corporate Sponsorship

The Opportunity
Providing the present generation of children here in Princeton with the very finest education requires more than just public tax funding. Maintaining and building upon the academic excellence, which draws families to our neighborhoods and keeps our community thriving, we not only depend on parents but upon community-minded individuals, businesses and corporations. At the Princeton Education Foundation, we recognize that broad community involvement sends a powerful message of caring about the growth and future of all children in our public schools. So that businesses and community partners can indicate their support of schools, and also to provide a way to communicate with our public school parents and supporters about those whom value our schools, PEF has created the Grant Sponsorship program to encourage individuals and businesses to make a targeted donation in support of our public schools.
The PEF Grant program serves as a catalyst to support and enhance school and curriculum improvements that heighten learning opportunities for students in the Princeton Public Schools. We work directly with teachers and administrators to provide support for these opportunities and programs, and it is this hands-on approach that successfully brings an idea to life or need satisfied.
A donation to PEF represents both an investment in the future of the children of Princeton, and an affirmation of the core community value of an outstanding public education.