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2017-2018 Grant Awards

2017-2018 Princeton Education Foundation Grants

Elementary Grants

We Love Bees: CP: Ellen Klimczuk

            Spelling and Geography competition for grades 3-5

Stem Enhancement Project: CP: Yaimee Herrera

            Hands-on engagement in STEM learning, specifically engineering

Author’s Journey: JP: Dawn Henderson

            Author visit and planned activities supporting the complete writing process

High School Reading Buddies: JP, PHS: Lois Bach with Christina Maloney, Karen Gates & Julie Frank.

            Providing PHS ESL students added opportunities to speak and read in a non-threatening environment.  Instills the love of reading and mentorship for Pre-K students.

Developing a Multi-Language Library: LB: Theresa Cross, Ted Holsten

            Enriching foreign language collection in the LB library

Alternative Work Stations and Floor Seating: LB: Christine Morabito, Kristen Greenberg

            Providing alternative seating and work station options for Special Education students

Second Step Social-Emotional Learning: LB: Meredith Cooke, Cristina Avena

            Program to help teach identified students the tools and strategies to help them navigate their environment and improve social-emotional competence

Technology to enhance School Counseling: LB: Katelyn Hoobler

            Engaging students in a multisensory way, leading to faster comprehension and more effective generalization of targeted skills

Analyzing Nature with Digital Eyes: Riverside, CP,JP: Mark Eastburn, Bevan Jones, Megan Mulrooney, Lora Hobart

            Enable students to document and track natural populations through collaboration between the schools involved and through the construction and monitoring of outdoor cameras specifically used for natural data collection

John Witherspoon Middle School Grants

IDEAS Wing Flexible Seating: JWMS: Kelly Riely, Claudia Luongo, Paul Skalka, Lonny Robtison, Randy Casey, Jennifer Baumgartner, Nyrie Janho

            Flexible seating for student collaboration area in JW IDEAS Wing

Multicultural Books for Special Education: JWMS: Nancy Abascal, Amy Borgia

            Providing books with a global perspective that enhance the Reading Writing Workshop Model in the Special Education program.

Updating the World Language Library: JWMS: Monica Kenah, Kristina Fellin, Carolyn Bailey

            Expand the collection of authentic foreign language texts in the JW Learning Commons.

Real Coding gives Super Powers: JWMS: Lonny Robitson

            Addition of SPHERO+ programmable robotic ball to enrich Coding curriculum

Social Issues Book Clubs: JWMS: Sharrie Barish, Monica Blake, Jeanette Paredes

            Enriching 8th Grade English Reading/Writing Workshop model with the addition of texts that explore a deeper understanding of issues society has and continues to face today.

World of Art at my Fingertips: JWMS: Claudia Luongo

            Exploration of Art through the use of technology

Cardboard Boat Regatta: JWMS: Janet Gaudino, Bill Merritt, Paul Skalka

            8th grade culminating team-building activity with practical application of STEAM as students design and build a cardboard vessel to race in the school pool

Princeton High School Grants

Poverty Simulation: PHS: Jessica Baxter, Andrea Dinan

            Interactive immersion experience that sensitizes participants to the realities of poverty

Cultivating Advocacy: PHS, JWMS: Jennifer Kuntz

            Two-year program to develop self-advocacy for students with mild/moderate special needs.

Implementing CRISPR Technology in AP Biology: PHS: Jayne Ricciardi, Steffanie Shoop

            Hands-on engagement in revolutionary gene editing technique

Poetry Matters: Joy, Wonder, and Transformation: PHS: Courtney Crane, Emily Lipphardt, Susi Murphy

            Poet visits and classroom workshops to supplement poetry–based English curriculum

Tech is Happening:  PHS: Jen Bigioni

            Learning Commons Technology upgrades

Flexible Classroom Seating: PHS: Lauren King, Brian Hoffman

            Increase student collaboration, conversation and engagement in English I and II.

STEM Roots Science Experience: PHS: Claudette Guy

            PHS students teaching STEM to PPS elementary students through hands-on experiments in after-school program

Aerial Unmanned Vehicle and 3D Printer Construction: PHS: Graciela Elia

            Construction an aerial unmanned vehicle and assembly of a 3D printer through the application of principles taught in Computer Science curriculum and Robotics Club