2016-2017 Grant Awards

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Princeton Education Foundation Grant Recipients

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Administration Grants

Learning Commons Renovation Phase II and Mobile Makerspaces: Community Park

Hydration Stations: PHS

IDEAS Wing Innovation Renovation: JW

Learning Commons-Have a Seat: PHS

Teacher Grants

Broadcast Studio Live: JW: Submitted by Kelly Riely

Equipment for JW broadcast studio.

Drawing Reality in the Virtual World: JW: Submitted by Lawrence Robtison

Addition of digital drawing tablets to existing technology curriculum

3-D Doodler Pens: Littlebrook: Submitted by Colleen Dell

Teaching three-dimensional art and creating geometric shapes and complex structures using 3-D pens

Imagination Makerspace: Littlebrook: Submitted by Leigh Salle

Creation of a dedicated area that invites creativity and unconventional thinking.

PHS Reading Buddies: Johnson Park,PHS: Submitted by Lois Bach

ELL students practice reading and speaking in front of others in an unintimidating environment

Space Challenge and Airblocks: JW: Submitted by Randy Casey

Space Challenge: Combines Lego Robotics challenges with the study of Mars and Space. Airblocks: New technology that allows students to build objects that can fly, float and drive.

Battle of the Books: JW: Submitted by Carolyn Bailey

School-wide reading motivation program/competition

Cardboard Boat Regatta: JW: Submitted by Janet Gaudino

Practical application of science, technology, construction skills and engineering as students design and build a cardboard vessel to race in the school pool.

Learning through Play: CP,JP,LB,RS: Submitted by Donna Goodwin

Development of purposeful play centers and teaching methods that support learning and literacy development through purposeful play.

Robotics Education and Competition: PHS: Submitted by Graciela Elia

Expansion of the PHS Robotics Club

We Love Geography: Community Park: Submitted by Ellen Klumczuk

Develop awareness and better understanding of the world geography through weekly lessons and a Geography Bee, the culminating activity.

Expanding Classroom Libraries: JW: Submitted by Crystal Paek

Expansion of the 6th grade English classroom libraries to include a wider range of titles, genres and reading abilities that will better support success in the current curriculum.

7th Grade Book Club: JW: Submitted by Reynold Forman

Implementation of a book club that will support and strengthen student literacy especially works on historical nonfiction.