2015-2016 Teacher Grants

Recipients of 2015-16 PEF Teacher Grants

Congratulations to all of the recipients of this year’s PEF Grants!

Brazilian Song, Dance and Culture, Riverside Submitted by Kirsten Bertone and Karen Athanassiades

Communication Circle, Riverside Submitted by Sara Leta

Active Workstations, Littlebrook: Submitted by Dara Cohen, Katie Federico and Joanne Ryan

Lego Story Starter, Littlebrook: Submitted by Jessica Saide

Makerspace KNEX Design Challenges, Littlebrook: Submitted by Sarah Schwimmer

Science Through Poetry, Community Park: Submitted by John Emmons, Donna Goodwin and Bevan Mullowney

Electric Houses, Community Park: Submitted by Whittney Helper

CA Feast of Authors, Johnson Park Submitted by Dawn Henderson and Lois Bach

Quadcopters, John Witherspoon: Submitted by Randolph Casey

2016 JW Regatta, John Witherspoon: Submitted by Janet Gaudino, Bill Merritt and Paul Skalka

Finding Our Voices, John Witherspoon: Submitted by Lisa McGhee and Jeanette Paredes

Entrepreneurship by Design, John Witherspoon: Submitted by Kelly Riely and Lawrence Robtison

Getting Real with 3D Printing, John Witherspoon: Submitted by Lawrence Robtison

Audio Enhancement, John Witherspoon: Submitted by Eugenia Porello

Wellness with Art and Yoga, Princeton High: Submitted by Judy Buckley

Control Model Railroad Network, Princeton High: Submitted by Mark Higgins

Envisioning the Future, Princeton High: Submitted by Lenora Keel and Monique Jones

Increasing Aquaponics Efficiency to Solve Food Shortages, Princeton High: Submitted by Jacqueline Katz and Edward Cohen

Power Up with Material Science, Princeton High: Submitted by Linda Morris and Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson

GlassRoots – Experience Glassmaking, Princeton High: Submitted by Linda Nickman and Mollie Murphy

PHS Investment Club, Princeton High: Submitted by Jason Pikul

Choose to Engage, Princeton High: Submitted by Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi