Current Grants

PEF funded 27 grants for a total amount of $64,000 during the 2023/2024 academic year, with the average funded grant of $2,500.

Community Park

Seesaw for Schools for Deeper Student Engagement – Jordan Ullman


Johnson Park

Sensory Hallway – Lindsey Garriton

Calming Corner – Erin Crespo and Angela Siso-Stentz


Versatiles for Hands on Enrichment Stations – Michelle Seelenfreund

Multisensory Instruction around Phonological Awareness and Orton-Gillingham Instruction – Christine Morabito and Kristen Greenberg

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum – Cristina Avena

Sensory Pathways – Cristina Avena

Learning About Our World – Theresa Cross

Unlimited Unplugged Investigations – Martha Friend



Classroom Store to Support Financial Literacy – Katy Solovay

Social Communication Playground Boards – Diane Van Driesen

STEAM Cart K-2 Cart – Karen Athanassiades

STEAM LAB Coding Robots – Peter Daniel Beck

Building Community and Motor Development Through Play – Mary Tragone, Jennifer Bazin and colleagues

Riverside Organic Garden Equipment and Garden Cooking Cart – Louise Senior

Riverside 4th Graders Tree-Planting in RS Playground – Raymond DeVoe


Princeton Middle School

Tiger Ties Mentoring Program – Sharon DiSebastian

2024 Princeton Middle School Cardboard Boat Regatta – Janet Gaudino

PMS Independent Living – Elizabeth Murrin

PocketLab Sensors – Jen Simon

Expanding Learning Through Multi-Sensory Experiences – Jennifer Noto


Princeton High School

Meth Lunches: Nourishing Minds, Empowering Communities – Andrea Dinan

The American Rocketry Challenge – James Smirk

Math Whiteboards – Tiffany Brennan


Multiple Schools

Sound Walls in Early Elementary Classrooms (all elementary schools) – Lauren Samara 

Book Club (Princeton Middle School, Princeton High School) – Michelle Simborski 

Many Languages, Many Paths (Littlebrook, Princeton High School) – Mark Eastburn