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PEF Student Advisory Committee

PEF Student Advisory Committee

Thank you to all the students who were a part of our 2016-2017 Student Advisory Committee.

We are currently restructuring the program and hope to relaunch this winter.

Stay Tuned.

The PEF Student Advisory Committee provides a forum for communication and feedback between high school students and the PEF Board of Trustees. The Committee will be asked to evaluate Teacher Grant proposals from a student perspective, and conduct follow-up interviews with a grant award winner of their choosing as the program/project progresses This group is responsible for representing the student body and act as a resource to gather student feedback, and provide recommendations in the Princeton Education Foundation’s effort to enhance the overall educational experience in the Princeton Public Schools.

Committee Snapshot

  • The Committee will consist of a group of 6 PHS students from various grades
  • Students will be selected via an open application process
  • Completed applications are due Monday, October 17, 2016
  • Students will be notified via email the week of October 17th
  • Selected students will be asked to provide feedback on this year’s PEF Teacher Grant applications. On Saturday, October 29th, selected students will be sent a spreadsheet with all pertinent grant information and will be asked for their feedback on the proposed programs.  Feedback is due by Wednesday, November 2, 2016. Students will then be asked to choose one grant to follow during the progression of the project/program, and provide feedback and follow-up results to the PEF Board of Trustees. Estimated time involvement: 3 hours
  • Students will serve from October 2016- June 2017
  • The Committee may be asked to participate in further advisory projects if the need arises.

Benefit to Students

  • Have a direct role in new and innovative programs into classrooms and schools across the District
  • Gain important leadership, communication and decision making skills
  • Great addition to resumes and college applications